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Van Drie Research — Structure-Based Drug Discovery


We focus on structure-based drug discovery, mainly working with venture-funded biotech companies. We primarily work with groups who need to exploit the 3D structure of a protein target, as explained here. We also provide general consulting on topics related to drug discovery overall, and provide coaching for new entrepreneurs.

Some highlights in our 12-year history, now able to be disclosed, among the dozens of collaborations with biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, academic groups and non-profits:

  • We assisted founding CEO Steve Tregay in the formation of Forma Therapeutics
  • We helped Acylin Therapeutics achieve the scientific success that led to their acquisition by Abbvie.
  • We helped in the discovery of a molecule against Nav1.7, partnered with Genentech.
  • We helped Calistoga understand the mechanism of the molecule acquired by Gilead, and approved as CAL-101.
  • We have a long-standing collaboration with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the discovery of novel assets in support of the discovery of new therapeutics for CF.
  • We helped the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation evaluate computational technology for their global partners
  • We co-invented the intellectual property discovered at NYU, and spun out to Glixogen Therapeutics
  • We co-invented the intellectual property behind PhoenixMD’s first drug candidate, now in Phase I clinical trials for triple-negative breast cancer.

John H Van Drie, principal of Van Drie Research, has over 20 years experience, both working in drug discovery, and the development of novel computational technology. Here is more about his background.

Contact us if you are in need of either research services or consulting services.

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