Consulting Services:

We have a track record of success, engaging with clients in many ways:

  • Assisted a startup CEO in getting the company launched, helping with investor pitches, build-out plans, etc.
  • Assisted academic groups looking to turn their intellectual property into a form suitable for forming the basis of a startup
  • Assisted a major non-profit in evaluating the potential for computer-aided drug design to impact their efforts, and in making recommendations for how to initiate activities in that area
  • Evaluated a stalled internal drug discovery effort, to provide guidance on how to circumvent roadblocks
  • Performed due diligence for investors, looking to invest in either novel computational technology, and to invest in novel drug discovery technology

Contact us if you have any needs in these areas, or if you think we can provide some creative insight elsewhere.

spacer ritanovir molecule
John Van Drie was a member of the research team that discovered Abbott's ritonavir, the first marketed HIV protease inhibitor for AIDS infections.

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